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We are excited about fall; two new pearl weave gi designs are arriving in the first week on November. The gi jackets are made of 550 gr brushed pearl weave fabric and pants are soft, medium-weight cotton drill. White gis feature light pink and salmon color, oversized embroidery on the left sleeve and pants. Black gis are made of the same material and display stunning purple blossoms. Full picture of the gis will be revealed in a couple of weeks and we hope you like them as much as we do!

After a long hiatus we are bringing back black gis with pink embroidery. Pink is very dear to us since it was our very first color in 2009 and has not always been received well. BJJ women either love it or hate it, there is no in-between. This time we used 550 gr pearl weave plus fabric for jackets and 10 oz light-weight ripstop material for pants. Finely detailed embroidery is on our signature spot, right thigh, and the left lower corner of the jacket. These beauties are scheduled to land before the end of October.


If you are not too happy about the approaching colder weather and long, dark, depressing nights, grab one of our t-shirts which remind you of endless summer days; the fun in the sun and all sorts of shenanigans. Happy shopping!