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Sometimes the gi you purchased is incorrect size or you happen to have buyer’s remorse and an exchange or return is in order.

This is a friendly reminder what not to return:


  • Gi covered in pet hair and lint. We love furry babies too but please run a lint roller over the gi before you pack it up.
  • Gi with stains (food, blood, dirt). Yes, odd but it has happened.
  • Washed items.
  • Hemmed pants or altered jackets.
  • Gi that has been worn to class. Try it on but don’t take it for a full test drive.
  • Clearance items. If you are not sure about sizing, please ask before purchasing. Clearance items are not to be returned and forcing the refund through by complaining to your credit card company is not cool.
  • Items with size tags or labels removed.

Thank you and happy training!