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curvyYou asked for A1 curvy jackets, and we made them! We are excited to announce that every new batch of women’s gis from next month on will have A1 curvy jackets available.

A1 jacket, and A1 curvy pants combination is one the most popular mix-and-match sizes ever since we started making curvy pants. It is a great option for ladies with narrow shoulders, small chest, wider hips, and thicker thighs.

Lately we have received lots of requests from ladies who are not that small on top, and need a roomier jacket. The bigger bust, and wider shoulders fit into A2 but the sleeves are a tad too long for that particular height.

If your height is between 5’3” and 5’5”, and need a jacket that covers your chest, does not pinch in the armpits, and does not have hugely long sleeves; this is the size for you. Pair it up with A1 Curvy pants for a great fitting gi.

We are giving away one black pearl weave, and one white pearl weave plus gi to two volunteers who are willing to send us some feedback on this new size. We would like to give these gis to the ladies who have purchased a mix-and-match set before (A1/A1C or A2/A1C) so they can compare the fit. Email us or comment below if you are interested.