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We have been testing out a new women’s gi size in the past couple of months. A0 Tall size is a hybrid size between A0 and A1. It is perfect for someone tall and slim, someone in A0 weight, 85-120 pounds, and A1 height, 5’2” – 5’5”, bracket. If regular A0 is too short on you, and regular A1 is too wide then A0 Tall is an ideal choice. A0 Tall joins our other very popular tall sizes, A1T and A2T, and after minor tweaks we will make it permanent in our product line. At this time we offer the new size in black pearl weave, navy pearl weave, white bamboo, and white premium pearl weave in Mandala and Tropical Flowers designs.

We asked one of our customers to give us feedback on the new size. Amber is 5’4”, 117 lbs, and this is what she said,

‘I absolutely love my navy blue pearl weave Fenom gi. Being 5’4 and rooster weight has made it very difficult to find a kimono that fits properly. A0 Tall length is spot on, the arms are fitted properly so my opponent doesn’t have extra material to grab, the chest is slender and gives me a shaped look instead of a blue block like most. I have washed the gi for a couple of months now and the color has not faded! That is saying a lot for a navy blue. I don’t notice any excessive shrinkage either. Usually a gi that starts out at a good length ends up shrinking too much to pass competition regulation. I cannot say enough amazing things about this cut and really feel that Fenom succeeded exceptionally well in making a kimono that fits my body type.’

*Customer was not compensated for the review.