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awesomeJiu-jitsu women in North Texas and surrounding areas are in for a treat this August. Two very accomplished black belts will be teaching women’s jiu-jitsu seminars in DFW area in a few weeks.

Leticia Ribeiro has been teaching in Texas every summer since 2010, and this year is no exception. She will be at RCJ Machado Farmers Branch location for private lessons, kids class and women’s seminar on August 15. This event is reserved for RCJ Machado students and affiliates.

Sophia Drysdale is the most famous Aussie female black belt who has recently retired from active competition. This is her first time in Texas, and she will not only be teaching her favorite techniques but also offer time for Q&A to address issues specific to women’s BJJ. Her seminar is open to girls and women of all experience levels, teams and affiliations, however, the minimum age for participants is 10 years.











Registration for Sophia Drysdale seminar is open; to purchase your ticket, please click here. To reserve a spot for Leticia’s seminar, please email lindsaymachado1@gmail.com. Happy training!