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Hannette Staack is coming back to Dallas, Texas, this weekend, on August 24th, for a three-hour women’s jiu-jitsu seminar! This is the second time Fenom Kimonos is offering a free seminar with a world-class athlete and instructor to its customers.

Fenom Kimonos is dedicated to offering affordable jiu-jitsu products to women and girls, promoting women’s jiu-jitsu by offering free or low-cost seminars to its customers, and supporting other non-profit initiatives that empower women. Come and catch up with old friends, meet new jiu-jitsu ladies, and spend some one-on-one time with a world champion!


To register for the seminar or private lessons, or to buy a limited edition Hannette Staack t-shirt click here. To see a video from last year’s event, click here. See you all on the mat and stay Powered by She!