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We were inspired by a recent photo of Hannette Staack and Suay Al-Aziz. Two good friends who found each other through BJJ, one lives in Chicago, the other in Florida, spending quality BJJ time together in Brazil at BRA-021 camp and supporting Fenom! How cool is that?

Do you have a friend or friends that you can’t wait to train with no matter how far they live? Do you have a friend who has matching bruises in the most odd places? Do you have a friend that comes over with a gallon of ice cream and box of tissues when you’ve had a bloody bad day on the mat? Do you have a friend who is just plain awesome?

If so, here’s a chance to win a free gi or a free private lesson for you and your BFF at Hannette Staack Women’s BJJ seminar in Dallas, on August 24th! Take a picture of the two of you wearing Fenom gear* and post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or email it to info [at] fenomkimonos.com. A random winner will be picked on August 23rd. Be creative and good luck ladies!


*Fenom gear = at least one of the following: Fenom gi top, gi pants, belt, rash guard, t-shirt. Fenom logo must be recognizable and visible.