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SoCal Women’s BJJ is celebrating its 2nd anniversary on June 8th, and invites everyone to the 6 – hour Grapplethon, benefitting the Network for Victim Recovery of DC. Women from all academies are invited to participate in the marathon grappling event and the fundraiser.

Sexual assault is a very personal, traumatic and one of the most underreported crimes. Every two minutes, someone is sexually assaulted in the United States. It has a long-lasting physical, emotional and psychological effect on the victims. Contrary to the popular belief, the rapist isn’t a masked stranger, 2/3 of all the rapes are committed by someone known to the victim. Research also shows that our culture holds prejudices and stigma towards the victims. The victims suffer from the trauma itself, and feel socially blamed and derogated. Each survivor heals and recovers at their own pace and in their own way. 

If you have been sexually assaulted, it is important to remember that you have the right to be given the same credibility as any other crime victim. You have the right to be believed, to be treated with dignity and respect, to seek and receive help. You have the right to heal.


To show your support to the victims of sexual assault please click here to donate. If you wish to donate products or services to the Grapplethon raffle, please contact Jill Baker directly. Jill Baker is the leader of SoCal Women’s BJJ, a group that organizes women’s jiu-jitsu open mats, and connects women who share the love of the gentle art.