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We are kicking off a new interview series featuring great grappling girls who are the future of women’s jiu-jitsu. Our first fenomenal girl is Breezy Schumacher from Seligman, Arizona. She is 10 years old, a yellow belt, has the coolest braids, and loves to compete. Everyone meet Breezy!

How did you get started in jiu-jitsu and how long have you been training?

My dad and two older brothers began taking Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes at GD Jiu-Jitsu Prescott, with Master Steve Judson in 2010. My mother, younger brother, and I would just watch them do jiu-jitsu from a small window above the mats.  I thought it looked fun, so I decided that I wanted to try it out.  I’m still enjoying jiu-jitsu 2 1/2 years later and have pretty much been the only girl in an all boys class.

What do you like the most about BJJ?

I really like the rolling part of jiu-jitsu and training for competitions because it is usually harder. I like competitions as well, they are really fun to me.

You compete a lot. How many tournaments have you done so far and which one is your favorite?

I have done 12 tournaments so far, and my favorite BJJ event is the Arizona Jiu-Jitsu State Championship.  I once had to roll 5 matches, all with boys because no girls had registered.  It was tough, but I did very well.  Winning 4 out of the 5 matches. This year I won my division at 2013 Abu Dhabi Pro BJJ World Trials, IBJJF Pan Kids Championship, 8th Arizona International Jiu Jitsu Open, and 5th Arizona Kids Cup.

Photo: Rob Schumacher

Photo: Rob Schumacher

What’s your favorite submission?

I like chokes from side control the most. My favorite submission is the baseball bat choke.

Do you have any favorite BJJ ladies that you look up to or like to learn from?

Yes, I look up to Kristina Barlaan.  I went to check out her INSPIRE – WOMEN ONLY OPEN MAT, and met other great ladies and girls but I like rolling with her, and learned a lot from her. I plan on attending the Petite Inspire, 5-15 year old girls’ jiu-jitsu open mat, on May 25th.

Do you ever get bored with jiu-jitsu?

There is nothing boring about jiu-jitsu.  It is sometimes tough but not boring.  So usually, I just get my rest, drink some “ACAI 100” for a nutritional energy boost, and eat well before my next class.

Do you do any other sports or do you have other hobbies?

I like to ride my longboard at the skate park, boogie board at the beach, sew and make beaded necklaces

What do your friends think about jiu-jitsu?

My best friends are all in jiu-jitsu, so they must really like it.  A few others that are not in BJJ think that it is really cool, and might try it someday.

What would you tell other girls who are not sure if they should try jiu-jitsu?

Jiu-jitsu is awesome and you should try it.  It’s great for your health and it is a lot of fun.  Plus jiu-jitsu makes you stronger, which is good if you have older brothers.  They can become great rolling partners for you.


This is what Breezy’s coach Steve Judson had to say:

Breezy is an awesome student! I couldn’t ask for better. She listens well, works hard learning new techniques, and trains hard. She helps out with teaching new students, and has patience with them. Breezy is always smiling in class and at competitions, win or lose. She shows great sportsmanship or should it be sportswomanship. She will be a world champion, and maybe even the face of women’s jiu-jitsu. It would be great to be able to put a black belt around her waist one day!

Fun fact that Breezy’s mom shared with us:

When Breezy was six years old, a female artist took a picture of her, and painted her into the BEYOND WORDS mural on a wall of Prescott Public Library, in Arizona.  Most people don’t know that the girl in the mural is actually a painting of Breezy.

Mural Beyond Words at Prescott Public Library- Breezy 2009

Thanks Breezy!