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Just like every small start-up company out there, we constantly deal with things that go wrong. Everything ranging from product specifications, vendor management and late shipments. Fortunately, we’ve been blessed with a solid base if supportive and happy customers willing to forgive our shortfalls when we drop the ball every now and then.

During our most recent scramble to get orders out, one particular situation stood out from the rest. Melinda Bringham of Virginia ordered a Fenom Lotus Gi for her daughter Becky’s birthday! The women BJJ goddess was in our corner and instructed the United States Postal Office to get the Gi to Becky a few hours before her birthday party!

We thought it was a great story so we asked Becky’s mom Melinda to tell us about her daughter:

Becky has been training for 2 years under Pat Tray of Trident Academy ( www.tridentmma.com ) and has been actively competing since May 2010.  She has excelled in the sport very quickly and is now competing in the advanced divisions for her age group.  She has competed in Junior Grappling Tournaments ( www.jrgrappling.com ), NAGA, The Good Fight, and US Grappling up and down the east coast.  She is an Honor Roll student  and also is a member of her middle school volleyball team and wrestling team but still makes time to train for 2 hours sessions 4-5 times a week in her favorite sport of BJJ.  She is very lucky to have a few younger girls to train with at Trident Academy but she likes to train with the older boys to sharpen her skills.  She has never let gender be a barrier for her.  She quietly sets personal goals and has the drive and determination to achieve and excel in everything she does.  I have watched my daughter gain self confidence and inner personal strength through her BJJ training.  She now has her sights set on the Pan Am Games!

We would like to thank everyone at Fenom Kimono’s for ensuring that the kimono ordered for her 13th birthday arrived only hours before her birthday party!  She was thrilled that it fit great and she finally has a kimono that works for her size!  Most kimonos are way too wide and too short for her.

The birthday girl rocking her new Fenom Lotus.

Becky with friends and family.

Becky receiving her orange belt!