As you know, Fenom Kimonos spends a lot of its time finding ways to contribute to like-minded organizations and non-profits. We feel that in order to carry out our mission statement of empowering women and girls, we need the help of other groups and to help out when we can. Over the next two months, The Fenom Project will focus its efforts on supporting the Joyful Heart Foundation.

With domestic violence and sexual abuse a sobering reality in our society, groups such as the Joyful Heart Foundation are critical to the healing process for women and girls in our communities. We also believe activities such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu not only help women to defend themselves but provide an outlet for personal growth.

Fenom Kimonos has committed to donating a portion of Gi sales to the Joyful Heart Foundation and we’re hoping you can help us. Please reach out to your school owners and have them email us at for more information on how to help out with a worthy cause.

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