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When we started making women’s gis in 2009, the production was limited to only three sizes: A1, A2 and A3. Over the years we have added more options including curvy and tall sizes. The addition of A2Tall, A2Curvy and A4 have made A3 practically obsolete. With great sadness we are discontinuing our current A3 size. However, A3 is not completely disappearing; we are replacing it with a brand new A3Short size. Based on customer feedback, there is a need for a size A3 width but not so much for the length. A3Short is made for someone in A2Curvy and A4 height bracket (5’6”-5’8”) but A3 weight bracket (175-195 lbs). If A2Curvy pants are a little too snug but A4 are a tad baggy then A3Short will be the perfect size for you. Happy shopping!