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Estonian BJJ Girls group, spearheaded by Laura Mallene, is organizing its very first women only BJJ camp in Tallinn, Estonia at the end of April.  The number of ladies taking up BJJ in this tiny county has grown exponentially in the past few years and they have displayed outstanding results at international tournaments. The camp welcomes jiu-jitsu women from any team and at any experience level for a fun weekend of learning, sharing and friendly rolls.

Helin and Liisi

  • Camp instructors are: Purple belt, Liisi Vaht, who is the highest ranking local female and 3D Treening women’s class instructor. She is 2017 IBJJF European Championship feather weight bronze medalist and 2017 Nordic Open gold medalist.
  • Purple belt, Helin Paara, who has been training BJJ since 2003 and took home gold medals at 2016 IMMAF European Open Championships and 2016 Finnish Female Fight Cup absolute weight class in purple/brown/black belt divison.
  • Blue belt, Kadri Vilba, who is the 2017 national champion in women’s wrestling and also an active MMA and BJJ competitor.

Don’t underestimate the skills of these ladies; Helin and Liisi have a very unique style cultivated by SBG Estonia head coach Priit Mihkelson. He is the innovator of Grillkana position and has spent years on developing his open guard game. Due to high demand, Priit Mihkelson will be teaching at the women’s camp as well. His teaching style is very detail oriented and highly entertaining at the same time.

The camp costs 15.00 euros for one day and 25.00 euros for two days. Travel from Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania is relatively short and inexpensive and for budget conscious travellers, the gym, Korrus 3, is offering overnight stay for a minimum donation of 5.00 euros. Don’t miss it; it’s a quaint place to visit and learn jiu-jitsu.

More info about the camp on Estonian BJJ Girls FB page.