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Being healthy is something most of us take for granted. Occasional flu or a smashed rib is annoying when you have busy life. No-one has time for that! What if you came down with a sudden illness that brought your life as you knew it to a halt? Can you imagine not being able to drive any more? Or not being able to go the store alone? Or not being able to work?

That is what our good friend, Shama Ko, the coordinator of Girls in Gis is dealing with right now. About a month ago, she suddenly collapsed on the mat, and had a seizure. She has been to the ER a few times; seen several doctors, and her medical bills are beginning to pile up. There are still lots of tests to be done, to find out what is causing her body to act this way. She is determined to get to the bottom of this but cannot do it alone.

There are lots of organizations asking for donations this time of the year but please consider purchasing one or a few of these beautiful, 8 inch, woven, phoenix inspired patches that we designed specially for Shama’s fundraiser. The patches cost $8.00, and you can order yours here. Our goal is to raise $2,500 to help getting her life back on track.

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Women’s jiu-jitsu community pulled together big time, and set up Grappling for a Cause events all over the US, Mexico and Colombia. If you would like to go to a roll-a-thon, an open mat or a seminar, please check out the locations (Denver, Austin, San Diego, Lakeland, Chandler, Edmond, Monterrey,) that are participating in the fundraiser on December 13-14.