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A few months ago we tested out gold weave gi samples; liked them a lot, and decided to make a good, heavy-duty, old school training gi for women. We took away all the fancy add-ons, and made a gi for ladies who like a clean, simple, and classic look. There is no nylon tape; there is no rash guard lining, and there is no oversized, fire-breathing dragon embroidery on the back.

This gi top is made of 550 gsm gold weave cotton that gets softer, and softer over time. The trim, and collar are 14 ounce canvas pants material. The pants have 4 loops, a flat drawstring, and are fully reinforced from the upper thigh to the bottom of the pant leg just like our standard pants. A pair of canvas A1s weighs 24 ounces compared to 16 ounces for the same size in ripstop. Try grabbing those without ripping your nails out! These are the heaviest pants on the women’s bjj gi market right now, and will last you for years.

Gold weave, and canvas do require stretching out after every wash when the gi is wet in order to maintain the size. The best way is to grab one sleeve, step on the other one and pull up; think of a kettlebell high-pull. Do the same with the pants; step on the pant legs, and pull up from the waist. It sounds rough but be assured, it works! You may want to go with the tall size if you are at the very top of your size bracket or go size up if you plan on drying the gi in the dryer. If someone bleeds on your brand new gi (which always happens), use a dab of soap and hydrogen peroxide to clean it. It works!

Happy training!