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We all know at least one woman in our immediate circle of friends and training partners who brings a positive vibe to our lives. This woman keeps us looking forward to showing up to train as much as possible. Regardless of rank, competition history, or skill level, we believe these women should be applauded and appreciated for just being who they are. We’ve decided to do just that.

Every month Fenom Kimonos will profile a woman selected by her peers in an interview we’ll post on our blog, website and social media channels. We’ll highlight what makes this woman special and send her a free women’s BJJ gi for making our world a better place — on and off the mat. If you know a fenomenal woman, send an email to info@fenomkimonos.com with a short list of reasons why and we’ll take it from there. Here’s a few ideas on what we think makes her fenomenal:

  • she studies full-time and still makes time to train
  • she’s married with children and manages to get on the mat
  • she works full-time or part-time and trains consistently
  • she helps out with kids class
  • she helps out beginners and makes them feel welcome
  • she makes you feel better about yourself immediately after she kicks your butt.
  • she is a beginner and is a joy to teach.
  • Bonus idea: she’s an awesome cook 🙂

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