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The last several weeks have been pretty hectic around here. Along with all the activities related to the upcoming Women’s Jiu-Jitsu Championship, we’ve been struggling with getting our next shipment in. The last few orders were smooth – a new batch of Lotus Gis for women and the super-dooper-cutie-pie-in-your-eye Lotus Gis for girls all came in with no problems. On this batch of Fenom Classics, every thing that could go wrong did go wrong. Wrong shipping documents, misspelled product descriptions and customs agents acting like FBI agents. Not a very pleasant experience but part of the game. After weeks of frustration and panic, the Gis were released by Customs for shipment to Dallas today! Everything is as it should be. We have peace.  🙂

To all our customers who have been waiting for their Fenom Classic Gis to be shipped — we’re extremely grateful for your patience and plan to have all orders sent out by Friday. We hope that you’ll enjoy your new Fenom Gi along with the Free patch we’re including. We also hope this small token of our appreciation keeps you Powered By She!

As for the shipping problems – there’s only so much that can done. We just keep paddling and hope to make it to shore every time. Why do we refer to it as “shipping” if it’s delivered via airplane anyway? Food for thought…