Current Events

Looking for a women’s jiu-jitsu seminar, open mat or a camp? Here they are!

Women’s Self-Defense Class, January 2019

Australian Girls in Gi Camp, January 2019

Women’s Open Mat Charlottesville, January 2019

She-Jitsu Seminar, January 2019

Jiu-Jitsu Gypsies Women’s Open Mat, January 2019

Female Fighter Winter Camp, January 2019

Denise Henry BJJ Seminar, January 2019

Women’s Collaborative Training, Ohio, January 2019

Ladies Only Open Mat, Durham, January 2019

Sweatty Betties Denise Henry Seminar, January 2019

Luanna Alzuguir and Ana Carolina Vieira Seminar, January 2019

Wonder Women Project, January 2019

Kristina Barlaan BJJ Seminar, January 2019

Girls in Gis Texas, January 2019

Karen Antunes BJJ Seminar, January 2019

Women’s Open Mat, Charlottesville, January 2019

January Women Only Open Mat at ENJJ

Girls in Gis Pacific Northwest, January 2019

Sweatty Betties Leticia Ribeiro Seminar, January 2019

Women’s Only Open Mat, New Jersey, January 2019

Girls in Gis Kansas, January 2019

Women Only BJJ at 5th Element, WA, January 2019

Ladies Only Open Mat at Black Belt Studio, January 2019

Jiu-Jitsu Gypsies Anniversary Open Mat, February 2019

Amazonian Women’s BJJ Open Mat, February 2019

Christie Sullivan BJJ Seminar, February 2019

SoCal Women’s Open Mat, February 2019

Erin Herle Seminar, February 2019

Women’s Open Mat, Long Island, February 2019

Estonian Women Only Jiu-Jitsu Camp, February 2019

Pretty Dangerous Women’s Open Mat, March 2019

Vanessa Wexler BJJ Seminar Kansas, March 2019

Koala Camp, Bali, April 2019

SophiaFIT Lifestyle Camp, April 2019

Women’s BJJ Seminar with Abi Pacinelli, March 2019

Leticia Ribeiro Seminar, April 2019

Women’s Only Grappling Camp, Indiana, May 2019

BJJ Mums Camp, Sicily, May 2019

Claudia Do Val BJJ Seminar, West Virginia, June 2019

Rocky Mountain Women’s BJJ Retreat, June 2019

3rd Annual Josei Heishi BJJ Camp, Pennsylvania, July 2019


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