Current Events

Looking for a women’s jiu-jitsu seminar, open mat or a camp? Here they are!

3rd Annual Josei Heishi BJJ Camp, Pennsylvania, July 2019

Gina Franssen BJJ Seminar, Oklahoma, July 2019

Kristina Barlaan Seminar, July 2019

Ffion Davis Junior Development Camp, July 2019

Ffion Davis BJJ Seminar, July 2019

Girls in Gis Ohio, July 2019

Sophia McDermott BJJ Seminar, July 2019

Erin Herle BJJ Seminar, July 2019

Girlzilian Open Mat, July 2019

Emily Kwok Ladies Only Seminar, July 2019

Jiu-Jitsu Gypsies Open Mat, July 2019

Juliana Fontura BJJ Workshop, July 2019

Rebel Girls Summer Camp, July 2019

Jits N’ Eats Open Mat with Kristina Barlaan, July 2019

Leticia Ribeiro and Bia Mesquita BJJ Camp, New Zealand, July 2019

Girls in Gis Colorado, July 2019

Girls in Gis Texas, July 2019

Queens of the Mat Summer Open Mat, July 2019

Unicorn Jiu Jitsu Women’s Camp, August 2019

Female Fighters Summer Camp UK, August 2019

Masters Training Camp, August 2019

Zenobia Women’s Tournament Florida, August 2019

Female Fighter Summer Camp The Netherlands, August 2019

Girls in Gis Texas, August 2019

Luiza Monteiro and Livia Giles Camp, Thailand, October 2019

SophiaFit Camp, October 2019


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