Current Events

Looking for a women’s jiu-jitsu seminar, open mat or a camp? Here they are!

Women’s Self-Defense Program, Wand Fight Team

Girls in Gis Louisiana, September 2017

Women’s Self-Defense Seminar, Sydney, September 2017

SophiaFIT’s Lifestyle Camp, October 2017

Sophia McDermott BJJ Seminar, September 2017

Girls in Gis Colorado, October 2017

Women’s Open Mat, Washington, DC, October 2017

Women’s Self-Defense Seminar, October 2017

Hannette Staack BJJ Seminar, October 2017

Erin Herle BJJ Seminar, October 2017

Devine Ladies Fall Open Mat, October 2017

Women, Art & Jiu-Jitsu

Girls in Gis Texas, October 2017

Melbourne BJJ Competition for Females, November 2017

Jess Fraser BJJ Seminar, November 2017

Dominyka Obelenyte BJJ Seminar, November 2017

Women’s Grappling Camp, November 2017

Sydney | BJJ Competition for Females

Australian Girls in Gi Camp, February 2018

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